Many vertebrate pest species are found throughout Australia and New Zealand. Feral animals threaten our rich biodiversity, adversely affect our landscapes and waterways, and have severe economic and social impacts.

This website and database contains information on vertebrate pest animal species in Australia and New Zealand. Browse the site for general information or use the search function for more specific results.

Features of this site:

Searchable database: information on vertebrate pests in Australia and New Zealand including research, management strategies, images, websites, reports and more.

PestSmart toolkit: designed to provide information and guidance on best-practice invasive animal management to policy makers, managers and implementers.

Decision support tool for the management of freshwater fish incursions: free tool to assist managers maximize the speed of response to an incursion once this has been confirmed.

Species pages: fact sheet information and links to image galleries, distribution maps and other resources for the major vertebrate pest species in Australia.

Teaching Resources: Feral Focus and Pest Tales – curriculum based educational resource developed for secondary and primary school teachers and their students.

islandNet: facilitating conservation management of Australia’s offshore islands by sharing knowledge between people interested in island conservation.

PestMaps: provides access to various maps that report information on the occurrence, distribution and abundance of significant invasive animal species throughout Australia.

Last updated: July 12, 2010