Development of new toxins for wild dog and fox control

YouTube video:

Simon Humphrys is the Commercialisation Manager with the Invasive Animals CRC. In this video, Simon discusses new toxins being developed for wild dog and fox control. This new toxin, PAPP, is being formulated into new baits.

Wild dogs and foxes pose a threat to livestock such as sheep, cattle, goats and poultry. In high density areas they may also be a health risk to humans and pets, through transmission of diseases such as distemper, parvo virus and mange. Evidence suggests red foxes are a primary cause in the decline and extinction of many small and medium-sized rodent and marsupial species in Australia. They also prey on many bird species.

Secondary title: PestSmart video
Author: Invasive Animals CRC
Year: 2012
Publisher: Invasive Animals CRC
Control method: Poison / Toxin
Region: Australia - national

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