PestSmart Factsheet: Poison baiting for rabbit control

Poison baiting is often a logical first step in an integrated program of rabbit management. However, if used alone, baiting provides only short-term control and is therefore best used as a means of reducing rabbit numbers before carrying out other controls such as warren destruction. In some situations baiting may be the only immediately feasible solution to a problem, such as rabbits living in dense vegetation on the edge of pastoral land. However in arid areas, poison baiting is not usually cost-effective and landholders are more likely to benefit from strategic warren ripping programs.

Fact sheet covering the use of poison baiting for controlling rabbits in Australia. Produced by the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre as part of the PestSmart series.

Author: Invasive Animals CRC
Year: 2012
Publisher: Invasive Animals CRC
Pages: 2 pp
ISBN/ISSN: PestSmart code: RABFS8
Control method: Baiting
Region: Australia - national
Documents: PestSmart Factsheet: Poison baiting for rabbit control [300kb PDF]

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