PestSmart Factsheet: Warren and harbour destruction

A strategic rabbit control program that features warren and harbour destruction is the most cost-effective way to reduce rabbit populations and prevent ongoing damage, particularly when applied over large, semi-arid areas. Rabbits can survive by building extensive underground warrens or using above-ground shelter, such as lantana or blackberry bushes. With good planning and coordination, long-term control can be achieved by removing or destroying the areas that rabbits depend on for survival.

The aim of warren destruction, or ripping, is not just to bury the warren entrances but to ensure proper breakdown of the warren structure. Ripping should be carried out when rabbit numbers are at their lowest, usually in summer (eg after a disease outbreak or following a baiting program)1. Removing above-ground harbour (ie shelter) at the same time will increase the effectiveness of ripping.

Factsheet on the the use of warren ripping in rabbit control. Produced by the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre as part of the PestSmart series.

Author: Invasive Animals CRC
Year: 2012
Organisation: Invasive Animals CRC
Number of Pages: 2 pp
ISBN: PestSmart code: RABFS6
Control method: Warren Ripping
Region: Australia - national
Documents: PestSmart Factsheet: Warren and harbour destruction [300kb PDF]

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