Proceedings of the Feral Pig Action Agenda

In recognition of the damage caused by feral pigs to animal welfare, the economy and the environment, and the potential for the animal to serve as a host of several endemic and exotic diseases of livestock and humans, the largest ever national workshop on feral pigs was held in Cairns June 2-3, 2003. The general consensus of the meeting was that: 1) Eradication of the treat form feral pigs is the long-term goal. This will require the development of more effective control techniques and technologies. 2) The immediate objective is to minimise economic, agricultural, public health and environmental impacts and risks through development and implementation of a National Strategy and Action Plan for the management of feral pigs through the use of currently available technologies.

Reference type: Conference or Workshop Proceedings
Secondary Author: Lapidge, S
Date (dd/mm/yyyy): null
Year: 2003
Secondary title: Feral Pig Action Agenda
Place published: Conference Location
Publisher: Pest Animal Control CRC
Institution: Pest Animal Control CRC
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Region: Australia - national
Documents: Proceedings of the Feral Pig Action Agenda

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